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TATTOO as a brand was created within alcoholic beverages as the specific tool of emphasising uniqueness and exclusivity. Behind every beverage created by TATTOO there lies serious development work which aims at achieving the excellent quality of the product. Amazing just like the development of tattoos, graphically and technically speaking as well. Tattoos usually depict a credo, thoughts, self-expression or the belonging to a community as a message to the world or the people around us. 

The purposes of the TATTOO Company are similar: exclusivity, the belonging to the community of premium brands created with high artistic standards.


Exotic spices, juniper and Madagascar vanilla, all in the bottle of Tattoo.

Fantastic flavour and scent, extreme design of outstanding quality.

Crime, life, faith and emotion.

This is CRIMINAL GIN. You need it!


Thanks to its clear, unique character it is a pleasant match with any good quality tonic water

It reveals its exotic flavours in itself as a shot to gourmets